An Altered View … What Do You Choose To See?




The View From My Window

As I write, it’s a glorious morning here in Miami.  As I sip my coffee, I’m blessed with a view of the sparkling blue ocean, and skies so clear I can even see the marlins and other beautiful sea creatures dancing through the waves …

It seems almost surreal to realize that while millions across the world continue to experience the pain and uncertainty of the pandemic, through this window, all seems right with the world …

And so, what do I choose to see?

Happiness truly is an inside job.  I can choose to count my blessings, be thankful for this extraordinary planet, my family, my friends, my health … or, I can flip the script and immerse myself in negative social media and sensational TV news.

All that is NOT to say that we should be living in denial.  It’s possible to feel compassion, concern, and to stay mindful and help however we can  — not only by taking practical action, but also by emanating positive energy, love, and hope.  

I realize in the middle of a stressful event it may be hard to see the light.  But if you just let go and go within, you will find the peace we are all seeking.  Just take a deep breath, pause and know that everything is ok.  Peace will always find its way back.

The purpose of GetZENd and my life’s work is to help you unlock the chains of the negative mind, and find true, LASTING paths to happiness using techniques that are both powerful and easy to use.  Each week, I share breakthrough,  “mindset solutions” to these very real problems. 

I’m here to give you hope, and assure you — as proven by my 20 years of work as a mindset and success coach — that, even in challenging times, happiness is a healthy habit that CAN BE LEARNED.

In fact, learning these skills may be the most precious gift you can ever give yourself, your family, and your friends.  

What do you choose to see?

I invite you to choose happiness.   I’d love to help you learn how.
xo Zahra