Be The Change You Want To See In The World. (The Gross Global Happiness Summit)

With all the uncertainty in the world right now, it’s good to remind ourselves that there are a growing number of people working for happiness and peace.

This April, the Gross Global Happiness Summit at the United Nations University for Peace in Costa Rica brought together a group of extraordinary leaders committed to global change!

Founders Luis Gallardo and Mohit Mukherjee with Hannah Benson and Julia Delafield  created a truly transformative event, featuring great minds and incredible speakers focused on the global impact of Happiness and Peace.   The event was held on campus in the midst of the mountains of Costa Rica, surrounded by nature.

GetZEND founder and mindset expert, success coach Zahra Karsan  was thrilled to be invited to present her “REWIRE For Happiness” workshop as part of the three-day program, sharing her process for rewiring the mind for greater happiness and fulfilment in all areas of life.
Zahra says,  “The Rewire process asks, what holds us back from success and happiness? It’s not our lack of knowledge, desire, willpower or consistency. It’s not even lack of action. In fact, it’s our very nature that sometimes sabotages our happiness.
No matter how passionately we crave change, our neurobiology has us perpetually stuck in survival mode – so we somehow stop ourselves from achieving our goals. In order for lasting change to occur, it all starts with shifting our mindset for greater calm, and a more peaceful, happier, and fulfilled global view.”
Zahra adds,  “Our session was highly interactive and charged with positive “heart energy!”   Our 90 minutes flew by as we discussed recent findings about  the power of heart-centered action, and how we are all connected by what we feel for each other.
It was truly a pleasure to speak with such a captivated and highly conscious audience — all of them  committed to creating positive change in this world.”

Choose happiness; and BE the change YOU want to be in the world.

Note:  The next Gross Global Happiness Summit will be held at UPeace in March 2021.