Can You Really REWIRE Your Brain?

NEUROPLASTICITY is the new buzzword in the world of brain-health. 

Is it really possible to REWIRE YOUR BRAIN? Can you really break out of old patterns and build new and healthier habits so that we can do more of what we want and have less of what we don’t?

The answer? Absolutely.

IT IS POSSIBLE TO REWIRE YOUR BRAIN and build new neurology or new neural pathways so that we can be more joyful, more creative, less destructive less self-sabotaging and far more powerful than ever before.

Neuroplasticity refers to changes in many levels of the nervous system from changes at the level of DNA all the way through to how we behave. Our brains communicate by sending chemical signals or neurotransmitters across the synapse. (The synapse is a junction between two nerve cells with a tiny gap across which nerve impulses pass.) These neural impulses encode our thoughts, actions, and experiences – everything we think, do, feel and experience. Everything we think, do, feel and experience reorganizes the function and structure of these neural pathways.

Removing the science geek in me from the equation, allow me to rephrase: Neuroplasticity implies that the brain and nervous system are malleable or plastic, and can be remodeled or RE-WIRED in response to thoughts and experiences over time. You may have heard the expression: “Neurons that fire together wire together.”

This is particularly exciting for forming new habits or learning something new: the more we repeatedly engage in an activity over a period of time, the stronger those synaptic connections become, and the more we fire off the same set of neural pathways, those circuits actually begin to wire together. So, you CAN retrain your brain to do something new and the more you do it, the stronger those circuits become and the easier it is to have them fire together again the next time.

So what’s the optimal period of time to build new habits? the latest in neuroscientific research shows that it’s about 35 days or 5 weeks to build new habits in such a way that the strengthening of these pathways shows up in brain scans.

What does this mean for the rest of us?! It means old habits DID have a hold on us and it’s not our fault we kept failing at things. It means there is scientific evidence now to show that we CAN break out of old habits that had us fail in the past and build new habits that allow us to live with more happiness and success!!

So get ready for a reboot! If you’re ready for change, do some spring cleaning and start looking for programs that offer tools and plans that span 30-40 days so that you can build new neurology and strengthen your success muscles! Want more happiness in your life? More joy, less stress, better sleep, better health and more fun?! We can do that too!

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Happy Spring Everyone!! Get your reboot on ?