Grounding with Nature

We’ve all heard about connecting with nature or grounding with Earth to better our health, but WHAT does it really mean? The term grounding is defined as connecting with the earth and is utilized in many different cultures and spiritual practices as a means for achieving a feeling of balance, calm or flow. So what happens to us every time we go outside and connect with nature?

The earth surrounds all life on the planet with its electromagnetic field. The natural tendency of an organism is to come into harmony with its external environment. All systems naturally try to achieve or return to a state of pure coherence. With our various activities throughout the day, we are constantly interacting with the energy fields around us in different ways with varying results.
Did you know that your brainwaves operate at the same frequency as the electromagnetic field of the earth? From alpha to theta, these brainwave frequencies resonate with the frequency of the earth.

This is WHY It’s so important to ground with nature or connect with the earth.

You know this feeling if you think about it. Imagine you’ve had a busy week at work and decide to get away for the weekend or go for a walk in the woods. It’s that moment where you hit the beach and hear the first ocean waves break on the shore, or reach the woods and hear the wind rustling in the trees and you can literally feel yourself relax as you take a deep calming breath in. Even the memory of that moment, as I sit here and write this, brings me into that space. I took a deep inhale and felt my shoulders drop as I exhaled as though I was right there. If the right brain is your creative side and the left brain represents our analytical side, the society we live in mostly operates in the realm of the left brain. Well…as soon as you ground yourself with the earth, your left brain calms down.
The earth’s field has a normal lower range of about 7.8 Hz. This natural rhythm is found in several places within the human body and is helpful in order to function at our most efficient and coherent state. The human body cavity resonates at 7.8 Hz. Our Alpha and Theta brain waves both border the frequency of 7.8 Hz. These brainwave frequencies are associated with insight, intuition, inner peace, relaxation and calmness. In other words, the Earth resonates with our biological system, allowing us to easily flow into a state of harmony. This enhances not just our mental and emotional, but also our physical sense of well being. The Earth’s stabilizing electromagnetic energy actually increases our overall health and vitality.

So… HOW do we ground? How do we achieve this state of flow?

Here are the quickest ways: 

GO OUTSIDE. Simply go and be with nature and in the presence of life. I remember reading something years ago and I wish I could find it now and quote it for you but the gist was this: For your soul, visit mountains, oceans, lakes as often as you can… as often as you can. It always feels good. You can’t deny that. If it feels good, keep doing it and do it often.
WALK BAREFOOT in the grass or in the sand. It’s been proven that your immune system functions optimally when your body has an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily obtained through barefoot contact with the earth. Research shows that electrons from the earth have antioxidant effects that can protect your body from inflammation. When you’re in direct contact with the earth, it grounds your body, inducing physiological changes that promote optimum health.

HUG A TREE. I know. I heard it. Sounds totally crazy. I’m asking you to suspend your disbelief and just try it. Or maybe less crazy… just lean against one, which would probably be my choice. It’s science. Go forth and touch another living organism to balance out your energy field. Think for a moment of the stillness of a tree…just its branches lightly blowing in the breeze while its roots are firmly rooted… planted in the earth.

USE GROUNDING TECHNOLOGY. There’s a whole range of products developed in recent years to ground you and help you replenish your body with negative ions. Just do an internet search for grounding or grounding products and you’ll find what you need.

USE VISUALIZATION. Just close your eyes and think of a specific moment when you were last on vacation. I’m thinking of walking along a white sandy beach as I do this. Turquoise water gently spilling onto the shore, my skin toasty and warm in the sun. Make sure that you imagine a specific moment in time… SEE what you saw, HEAR what you heard and FEEL what you felt. This is one example of how to visualize. You can also use other visualization techniques such as guided sessions. The Get ZENd app uses visualization in each track to help you achieve your desired state of calm.

Use any one of these methods as often as possible to help reach or maintain a state of inner peace, calm and relaxation. Happy Grounding to all.


By Zahra Karsan