Welcome to Get ZENd!

Breathe, Relax and Enjoy simple guided tracks to release stress, get into performance zone or get ready for a deep relaxing sleep.

Using music that enhances brainwave frequency, the Get ZENd app helps you unplug, kick start your day, find clarity and focus or relieve tension.

Taking a few moments in the day to be still and clear your mind has many health benefits. 15 minutes of relaxation in the day can be as rejuvenating as a two hour nap. Get Zend helps you relax by offering easy, calming tracks for Morning, Midday, Evening and Night to help increase energy, release tension in the body or bring focus to your life.

Use Get Zend to relax or to change to a more effective state of mind quickly and easily.  Visit https://www.getzend.com to see more on the app.