4 Days Of Megasuccess – plus life lessons from John Travolta

Actor John Travolta with success coach & GetZENd founder, Zahra Karsan

If you believe the phrase, “you are the sum total of the five people you spend the most time with,”  – the JT Foxx Megasuccess event in Anaheim, CA this November knocked it out of the park!

On opening day I had the amazing opportunity to interview iconic actor John Travolta on the keys to happy, successful living (scroll down for the video).

John said: “When you look at the dynamics of life you have to balance yourself, your loved ones, your group, your co-workers, mankind, the plant world, the animal world and the spiritual world. Some people have more emphasis on one area of life than another. Some people are good with themselves and animals. Some people are good with themselves and their family. Some people are good with themselves and with a group … and some people are not so good with themselves but great with a group!”

John discussed the importance of identifying your special talents. What makes your heart sing? The answer for each of us is unique!

Over an intense yet inspiring four days, team GetZENd also got to meet incredible speakers including Gene Simmons of Kiss, Vanilla Ice, Christie Brinkley, Mark Wahlberg, and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.

Mega Success was a wonderful opportunity to network with fellow coaches and entrepreneurs from around the world.  In all, we had over 2500 people, from 71 countries bring their special talents and share their expertise.  It was such a rush being surrounded by other entrepreneurs and coaches from different areas – be it business and marketing coaching, success coaching and even wisdom coaching!

I was struck mostly by the common threads that connect us all.  Even business coaches and successful entrepreneurs spoke about the importance of having a coach and also the importance of really KNOWING YOUR WHY.  What is the PURPOSE behind the work you’re doing and the company you’re building?.  If you’re not clear on the why, and you’re not passionate when you talk about it, how will people understand they need it and how you can impact their life?.

Here at GetZENd, we are very clear on our WHY. We are here to help remind you that you are ENOUGH – we teach the strategies you need so that you can  have more time, money, energy and have a life you love!  It is possible to UNSTOP yourself and learn how to unlock what you need so you can be happier and more successful.