The energy secret that powers success 

Success takes commitment and focus.  But there’s another “secret” ingredient that fuels progress.  Enthusiasm.  

Many of us  — no matter how committed we are to our work or our relationships — tend to suppress our excitement and positivity.  

But why?  As a child, were you ever told to “keep quiet” or, “stop showing off!”?  Phrases like this have a sneaky tendency to become stuck in our subconscious minds.  

Alternatively, are you reluctant to share your true feelings?   Many of us tend to suppress our enthusiasm for fear of being judged as “uncool” or lacking control. 

But the truth is, ENTHUSIASM is a precious gift — and hardly anything worthwhile, lasting or significant can be accomplished without it. 

Teachers who are enthusiastic about their subject tend to captivate their students.   True enthusiasm always feels totally authentic.  We reveal our enthusiasm through our facial expressions, our posture, our gestures and body language, and the intonation of our words. 

Enthusiasm is delightful and contagious (neuroscience refers to this as “emotional contagion”).  It is the precious energy that fuels progress and uplifts everyone around us.  

Enthusiasm is a feeling.  But it is also a choice.

Today, wake up and greet the world with excitement, wonder, and unbridled enthusiasm!
xo Zahra