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Happiness is one of our most cherished life goals, yet it is a subject we were never taught in school.

Author and success coach Zahra Karsan believes happiness is a healthy habit that can be learned. In her bestselling book, “How Do You TAKE YOUR HAPPY? How To Unlock What You Need So You Can Be Happier”, Zahra shares a 30-day action plan for a more energized, vibrant and fulfilled life.

Experience the plan that has worked for hundreds of Zahra’s high-performance coaching clients.

“When I went to school, they asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. I wrote down, “happy.” They told me I didn’t understand the assignment — and I told them they didn’t understand life.”

-John Lennon

Praise For How Do You TAKE YOUR HAPPY The Book:

“Love the practicality of Zahra’s insights. From being grateful to forgiving and setting intentions and goals.
I found in this book so much wisdom and very practical tools to improve our lives. Now.”

Luis Gallardo

Founder, beLEGACY and the World Happiness Summit; Best-selling Author of Brands & Rousers


“A great book. Zahra delivers a set of easy tools to remove obstacles from your life both personally and professionally so that you can design a life with more choice and less stress. She taps into a fresh approach on how we can better understand our own needs so that we can negotiate more time and healthier relationships with those around us.”

Chris Nassetta

President & CEO, Hilton Worldwide

“This book couldn’t have come at a better time. The fast paced world we live in never stops. With many years in the corporate world, we are always searching for new ways to find balance and live life in a purposeful way. In “How Do You Take Your Happy?”, Zahra Karsan outlines a winning formula for how we can continue to perform well and also live life with more joy and more meaning”

Humza Teherany

CEO Compass Digital Labs; CIO, Compass Group Canada

“Zahra Karsan has finally pulled together what many of us have been looking for: a comprehensive, holistic approach to what has eluded most of us. We all search for success in our professional and personal lives thinking that will somehow result in happiness. As I have learned, the hard way, success in some parts of our lives falls far short of a happy and purposeful life. For the first time, Zahra has given us a gift, a prescriptive approach with concrete activities to help pull together an honest recognition of what is missing in our lives and how to identify ways to truly thrive.”

Steve Joyce

President & CEO, Dine Brands Global

“I have no doubt that if you follow Zahra’s game plan, you can achieve the kinds of results that heretofore might have eluded you in your commitment to growth and desire for more abundance in life or business. As I worked my way through her 20 “Happy Tips” and day-by-day “directives,” I was impressed by the clarity and simplicity of Zahra’s advice and the power of her vision in the personal development arena. Read the book, glean from it, act on it, enjoy your results!”

Dr. Jim Alvino

Public Speaker, Trainer, Author

“How Do You Take Your Happy? is a great book filled with practical wisdom on how to live a happy and meaningful life. It provides useful tips and proven strategies that will positively impact your life. Best of all, it’s concise, straight forward and pragmatic.”

Steve Zuckerman

Co-Founder & CEO, Vatica Health, Entrepreneur

“Zahra has captured a treasure trove of insights and suggestions on how to be and remain HAPPY. It’s a practical guide on how to reduce tension and enhance your personal energy. It’s a must-read in today’s trying and tension-filled time. I strongly recommend it to corporate leaders who will find this an extremely useful book of insights to help make your life more relaxed and to have more emotional and physical energy all throughout the day. Zahra has also launched an application called “Get ZENd” which is built on the same philosophy and will help you bring many of the concepts in this book to life.”

Saad Amanullah Khan

CEO of Alamut Con- sulting, Former CEO, Gillette Pakistan, Author of “It’s Business, It’s Personal”

“In a sea of self help books, gurus, & lifestyle fads, many consumers feel paralyzed to take action and make the changes necessary to create the life they most desire. Here, in How Do You Take Your Happy?, Zahra Karsan distills her life experience & approach into a simple set of behaviours, thought processes & recommendations. The truth is, most regimens work if one follows them for the long run. The genius of this book is its brevity, user friendliness & directed scope. Do as she invites you to do, put your pen to paper, set your mind free and do as she suggests in the action plan. If you practice these habits daily for the next month, you’ll see amazing changes in your life. Do it for a year and you’ll watch your life evolve before your eyes into exactly what you have always known is possible. As the familiar tenet says, if you want something you’ve never had, then you’ve got to do something you’ve never done…. every day from here on in.”

Dr. Rosanne Metz

Chiropractor, CEO of Park Road Healing Arts

“WOW! Buy this book and be happy! Whether you are already mostly happy, or cruising through life in idle, or battling the darkest depression, this book is for you. Being a formerly depressed person, I’ve read countless books on happiness and even written my own, yet I learned a number of transformative perspectives and processes from this intelligent and refreshing book. It is free of fluff and full of sound knowledge and wisdom, expressed with deep love and compassion for the reader. You too, will benefit from this book!“

Marcus Geier

Business and Success Coach, Speaker, Author of The Metaphysical Philanthropist.


“A brilliant read! This book succinctly captures what we all need in order to live life in an excited and inspired way. Zahra delivers a guidebook for simplifying life, so that it can be filled with more joy and greater purpose. I loved The 30 day action plan – It includes quick and easy strategies to ensure you rewire your brain for happiness.”

Bruce Wardinski

Chairman & CEO, Playa Hotels and Resort

Why is it we have coaches when we are young and then one day we stop?
We get Swim coaches, soccer coaches, teachers and then… we leave school and suddenly, no coach anymore – we just have to fumble around in the dark and try to figure life out on our own.
Imagine how much more could you do with a coach.

If you’re tired of trying the same thing without seeing results, it’s time for a new approach. Join success coach Zahra’s transformational program, and train your brain for greater happiness and fulfillment in just 30 days.

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Zahra walks you through a powerful, 30 day action plan that will have you making small changes that have huge impact! 30 days may sound like a big ask, but it takes this long to build new habits and new neural pathways so that you can rewire yourself for more happiness and success. Isn’t it time you started living a life that really excites you?!

Prepare to find yourself feeling happier, more at peace, more connected and more alive!