Do You Have A Success Squad?

Success coach Jim Rohn famously said, “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Is it possible to reshape your life, simply by choosing the people you spend time around?

Author Tim Ferriss (The Four Hour Work Week) says Rohn’s words may have been the most important advice he’s ever been given.  Ferriss says: “I was given that advice when I was 15 or 16, which has impacted a lot of my decisions since. And each year, I think it’s more important.”

So, ask yourself, who are the 5 people you currently spend the most time with?  It’s an interesting exercise.

Are you surrounded by well-meaning yet unmotivated souls who don’t share your enthusiasm for new people, places or activities?

Or, do you hang out with a “success squad” of inspired, upbeat individuals?

Whether your friends, family or co-workers fall into either category, it’s worth considering how deeply you are influenced by these relationships.

If you’re constantly surrounded by fearful, negative people there’s no question that they will block your progress — albeit unintentionally.

On the flipside, members of your success squad support your dreams, celebrate your achievements, encourage (sensible) risk-taking and applaud your willingness to step outside your comfort zone.  

Don’t have a success squad?  Here’s how to build one:

** Identify the people who uplift you and consciously make more time around them.

** Find mentors or hire a coach.

** Immerse yourself in a group training program.  There’s nothing like working towards a shared goal with like-minded people.  In our connected world, the group may meet in-person or virtually. Many people experience great success and create new connections through Facebook Groups or online training courses that incorporate live events and member discussions.  Find an activity that inspires you.

** Nominate yourself “Success Squad Member #1.”  Are you a walking, talking example of the person you aspire to be?  Programs like the GetZENd Method apps and “How Do You TAKE YOUR HAPPY?” help you manage stress, build confidence, and train your brain to adopt a success mindset.  And a success mindset will make you naturally attract more positive, upbeat and nurturing company.

Of course, all of the above doesn’t mean you cut the people you care about out of your life.   Moreover, it simply isn’t realistic — or desirable — to decide you’re suddenly going to ditch your mom or quit your job!

While it’s always a pleasure spending time in the company of supportive and inspiring people, if there are situations you can’t control, never forget that you CAN control your response.