Energy is everything. Six ways to energize your day.

You’ve heard the saying, “everything is energy.” Well, we believe, ENERGY IS EVERYTHING!

To achieve your full potential, you have to stay energized. This effects everything from caring about your health, maintaining focus at work and staying innovative by exercising your mind.

Instead of reaching for another double espresso,  try these six ways to stay energized throughout the day:

** Exercise first thing in the morning.   The sense of accomplishment — and the energizing flow of blood and oxygen to your brain — will sustain you throughout the day.

** Respect your energy peaks.  Are you a lark or an owl?  Schedule your most challenging tasks when you are at your best.

** Limit sugary snacks.  Better yet, eliminate them from your diet.  A Harvard School of Public Health study concluded:  “Sugar and bread give you a quick jolt of energy, but ultimately result in an insulin-powered crash later in the day”

** Breathe deep.  Diaphragmatic breathing (also known as the Bellows Breath) is a fantastic energy boost. A few deep belly-breaths can both calm and refresh a tired mind.  Enjoy this demo by Dr. Andrew Weil.

** Listen to music.  From specific binaural beats music (like the “Focus” tracks we offer in the GetZENd app), to classics like Mozart and Bach, harmonious music both soothes and energizes the mind.

** Aromatherapy.  Application of essential oils like rosemary and peppermint to pulse points can boost alertness and focus.  A 2017 study showed students studying in a room infused with the aroma of rosemary oil performed 5 – 7% better on memory tests.