What is the difference between Health and Wellness?

Health can be defined as the overall mental and physical state of a person.

Wellness is more about what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle. When we prioritize wellness, we stay mindful, aware, proactive and take personal responsibility for our entire well-being.

How can Neuroscience help us thrive and flourish in all areas of life – physically, mentally, emotionally, socially and spiritually?

Health neuroscience looks at the brain as a target organ that is both affected by and affects our state of health and well-being.  If we consider optimal brain health as divided into three key components, then we can use the following model to improve our lives for the better.

The B.E.T Model of Wellness:

B =  the Body based elements of wellness such as biological, physiological factors like genes, hormones, the immune system, nutrition, exercise.

E = the External factors which include social and environmental factors, stress, life events, education, current circumstances, family background and lifestyle choices.

T = the Thoughts that determine optimal health and well-being that include mindset, feelings, emotions, cognition, and beliefs.

In order to ensure we are taking proactive measures to optimize our overall state of health and well-being, then we need to ensure we are making the right choices to look after each of these three key components of brain health.

In the BODY-based realm of care, we can get proactive by scheduling regular physical check-ups, minding our nutrition and staying active.  We can also look after ourselves spiritually, understanding that the mind-body connection is extremely powerful and has an enormous influence on good health and healing. Take some time to visualize a strong, healthy, agile, energized body when you set your intentions for each day.  Listen to your body and do what FEELS good for you each day so you can feel your best!

Next, consider the EXTERNAL factors affecting your state of health and well-being.  How can you control and optimize your circumstances to meet your social needs? How can you reduce your stress levels? Getting enough sleep and following a meditation practice can not only quiet the mind but also increase your focus and productivity.  In addition, ask yourself whether you are being stimulated intellectually and socially? Do you need to reset family relationships so that you feel more connected more alive?  Just do it!  Pay attention to what FEELS good!  Lastly, have a look at your lifestyle choices. Are there are small changes you can make that will have you feeling more relaxed, more joyful and happier every day?

Take some time to review the THOUGHTS that might be blocking your path to more happiness, better health, and greater success.  Spend time to cultivate Self-Awareness so that each day you are making small adjustments in ways that have you being gentler with yourself, that have you feeling better.  If there are some mindset issues or limiting beliefs, do as your parents did when you were 6 and get a coach!  The best coaches will guide you along an easy path to make small shifts in your life that actually radically alter how you think and feel every day!

It’s time we all started to LIVE BETTER…. so take a deep breath…. and relax.  It can all feel easy and effortless if we make small changes each day.  Here’s to your health, wellness, and happiness!