GetZENd CEO Zahra Karsan Joins World Happiness Foundation Board Of Advisors

GetZENd is delighted to announce that CEO and Founder Zahra Karsan has joined the board of the World Happiness Foundation.
The World Happiness Foundation’s purpose is to realize a world with freedom, consciousness, and happiness, FOR ALL.
Zahra joins an extraordinary global team from a variety of fields including Research, Social Impact and Investment, Academia, Activism, and Professional practices; a group of luminaries that understand inter-dependence, poly-centrism, diversity, inclusion, and belonging.
Board members include Loretta Breuning,  Saamdu Chetri, Valerie Freilich,  Raj Raghunathan, Mohit Mukherjee,  Rosalinda Ballesteros,  Nichol Bradford,  Mavis Tsai, and Philip Kotler.
To learn more about the World Happiness Foundation and become a #Happytalist, visit